Welcome back to all the children. This is the first full week of being in Seal Class and what a week we have had. We are now getting into the routine of coming into school and working on our words. We use a Dictionary and a Thesaurus to help us with this and we should practice using these at home as well if we are struggling with spelling a word or using adventurous vocabulary. We created our Class Charter, which is based on Embleton Expects and the children chose to include; Look at who is speaking, do not shout out, put our hands up and sit ready to learn. This supports our class rules as well as what Embleton Expects of us. We also enjoyed our first church service this year to welcome us all back to school and a fire visit from Seahouses Fire Station. We had lots of fun squirting water out of the hose but enjoyed learning about Fire Safety as well. We have been working really hard on our presentation this week and our handwriting and some of the children enjoyed telling us about the work they had done over the summer. We finished this week off with a lovely visit to the beach.

A few quick reminders:
Homework is on Google Classroom (There is a half-term project, one task needs to be completed each week)
You need to be logging your reading on Go-Read.
You need to be accessing TTRS/Numbots 3 times a week at least.
If you would like to bring a snack you can for break time and beach school as KS2 children aren't allocated one.
Class Dojo will also have reminders and announcements on so please feel free to check.

Class Dojo Sense of The Week - Grace! Well done.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday,
Miss Scott