In Seal Class this week, we have been continuing to look at fractions as part of our maths work. We looked at equivalent fractions, counting fractions on a number line and ordering them. We also looked at money as part of our maths work, where we planned a trip to Edinburgh, set out the costs for the trip each way and how much per person and then the total. It was very tricky as we had to use a lot of different maths skills but we did a fantastic job. In English this week we looked at writing a Science Fiction Story based on a set of pictures from space. We did have a restricted list to write from as Miss Scott made it a little bit more tricky by giving them a list of things that they most commonly write about and making sure they did not use them in their writing but it did make things more tricky. They did write a fantastic story and we looked at editing their stories using a different range of words in our writing. We also read some more of The Iron Man where we recapped the Iron Man being put back together and then eating the metal before it angered the people in the story before being stuck in a pit, which is where we are now! We have also looked at a story called Enzo's Egg which looked at a boy who stayed in an egg in his safe space. We discussed how that links to compassion and being considerate of each other. In computing, we looked at making the Ozobots which are tabletop robots that follow a line and a coloured line. The children loved exploring it and went around trying to think of ways to further test the Ozobots' skills further. We recapped the rules of -ed spellings in seal class this week as some of the children were finding it hard to apply the rules in their writing, so we practised and then played a quick group game to test our memories.
We are all very excited to get away to Cragside tomorrow to explore all about electricity.