16 October 2020


It took us a while to walk to the beach today as there were lots of worms, slugs, snails and even a caterpillar for us to look at along the path.

When we got to the beach some of the children wanted to walk over the bridge instead of taking our normal route but we found that we couldn’t get down to the beach.  We sat and watched and looked out to sea before turning round and continuing to our regular spot. 

Today our book at the beach was ‘What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside’  by Julia Donaldson. We each had a character from the story to hold so we were able to join in.  After the story the Reception children did some fabulous writing about their favourite character in the story.  The writing is so good that it is going to go on our beach school display at school.  The nursery children used the characters to  retell the story.  We nearly lost the sea lion and cat fish in the sand but after some digging we found them!

After the story we walked down to watch the waves crash on the sand.  We tried to shout as loud as the sea!  As well as worms on the path walking to the beach this morning we also saw lots of worms on the beach!

We continued our yoga on the beach and are beginning to remember the names of the poses.  We are now very quiet and think about our breathing when we are doing yoga.

After our snack we did our maths.  We each collected ten shells in a bucket and made ladybird doubles using shells and then practised 1 more and 1 less with the dice.

Another lovely beach school!

Orcas and Seals

Another fabulous Friday on our wonderful beach - we are so so lucky to not only live near here but also use it regularly as part of our education! On the way down the children began their litter pick, we did find quiet a bit including lots of dog poo bags, which is surprising as there are dog poo bins on both ends of the walk. 

We continued our day with ultimate frisby, the children have shown a great improvement with their catching skills and their throwing ability. 

    The children continued their litter pick along the beach and found a variety of litter including plugs, ropes, receipts, more dog poo bags.

What we found on our litter pick 

Glass bottles 
Plastic bottles
Face masks 
Plastic bags 
Plastic ropes 
Sweetie wrappers 
Toothpaste lids 
Eye drop bottles 
Hair bobbles 
Elastic bands 
Dog waste in bags 
The way our rubbish got here: 
Washed up from the sea 
Dog waste left by people
Litter bugs
Blown by the wind 
Things thrown over and fallen off of boats 
Washed down in the streams 
Days where there is a lot of flooding, things flushed from the toilet will be put into the sea 
Blown out of bins 
Accidental littering 
Seagulls pulling things out of bins or carried out of bins 
What can we do about the rubbish on our beach 
Litter picks (organised/with friends/litter pick library) 
Write to local newspaper 
Letters to brands that use plastic 
Recycle it 
Don’t buy things in plastic wrapping

A quick hydration stop and we began learning about Andy Goldsworthy the environmental artist. 

We continued with our litter pick along to Low Newton where we also had our lunch. 

After lunch, we walked to the bird hide and began discussing migration. The children discussed the reasons behind migration, where birds migrate to and during which seasons. Then the children went into groups to prepare their own migration stories to perform in front of the classes.