16 November 2022


Our story on the beach this week was ‘Little Seahorse and the Big Question’ by Freddy McConnell and Rosalind Beardshaw.  The story is about two seahorses,  Papa and Little One.  It starts on a very ordinary day, as they explore Little One's big question: "What do we need?"  Together, they decide they need lots of things - clean water, friends, a home - but, above all, they need each other. We wrote lists of our favourite food. 

For our maths today we counted the waves, used the balances and made a clock and practised telling o’clock times.

We also made seaweed tea and breakfast krill.  We loved having the kettles, bowls, jugs and spoons on the beach today.

We spoke about all the things that Little Seahorse needed which were the same things that we need!  Food, to be clean and healthy, friends, be safe, have a home,  be loved, and have fun and be silly!

We went for a walk in the sand dunes and pretended to be in a kelp forest we then pulled silly faces like Little One did!


This week’s Beach School started off with Worship by the Waves.  During Worship we were playing God’s promises hopscotch.  While playing this game, we were thinking about some of God’s promises that are written in the Bible.  After worship we went off to write our weather reports.  We were grateful for the brief presence of the sun and allowing us to write some lovely descriptive sentences. 

Once we had completed our weather reports, including recording the wind speed and temperature, we began reading the book ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ by Martin Jenkins.  We realised it told the story of a male emperor penguin and how he has to stand around in the freezing cold looking after the egg.  We tried to be a male emperor penguin to try and understand what they have to go through.  We tried keeping the ‘egg’ safe on our feet, by building it a nest as well as travelling down a slippery slope with it.  We discovered that it is a hard job being a male emperor penguin.  We also compared ourselves to the height of an emperor penguin; which is 1.3 metres tall. 

We had lunch at the golf club before heading back up to school.  Once back at school we thought about all the different food groups and designed a balanced diet.  We realised that no food is bad for us, we just have to eat everything in moderation.


This week at Beach School we focused on learning about Parliament as it was British Parliament Week. We started off by working together to create maps of the United Kingdom in the sand before labelling the different countries. We then labelled where the Houses of Parliament are and discussed the two different houses before also labelling the different parliaments that are currently in the UK. We then discussed what devolved Governments are. We then headed up for lunch before walking back to school. In the afternoon, we created our own political parties and discussed the different political agendas before holding our own General Election.