16 June 19

16th June 2019
What a wet week!  Thank goodness it abated a bit on Friday to let us get on with Beach School as usual!
The Year 6s came back from High Borrans full of all the things they had been up to.  It was great to see that they all pitched in, and conquered fears getting thoroughly out of their comfort zone doing some activities.  They clearly made some friends with the Year 6s from St Michael's.  I know that their weekend away will stand them in really great stead when they get to the High School in September.  We have a number of other activities planned over the next few weeks, with other schools - so more opportunities to get to know others that will be in their year.
Thank you to all those that attended the parent lunch - you can't beat a bit of apple pie and custard!
Next week is another busy week.  Orcas kick off the week with a Primary Enterprise Day on Monday.  I am looking forward to their business brains being expanded!  I know they will come up with some amazing ideas.
On Wednesday the Year 5s and 6s are going to the High School to see an Anne Frank exhibition, hosted by the Year 8s, in the morning.
On Wednesday afternoon it is our Sports Day.  At the moment there is a little light rain forecast.  If it remains no worse than that, we will press ahead with it, however, keep an eye out just in case we need to postpone it.  The event will start at 1.30 pm, and you will be able to take children home when it finishes. Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in for the afternoon.  They will also require PE kits.
On Thursday I will be taking our Year 6s down to Newcastle Cathedral for their Leavers' Service.  This is a lovely opportunity for them to be part of a much wider Diocesan community celebrating their time at primary school, and looking forward to the challenges and opportunities as they start on the next phase of their lives in secondary education.  Christine, one of our governors, will be coming with us and I know that we are looking forward to sharing this special occasion with our Year 6s.
On Thursday afternoon Years 1-6 will be swimming (Year 6s will be dropped off at Willowburn after their service).  Please make sure that everyone has swimming costumes and towels.
On Friday it is Parent Worship before Beach School.  This week the Year 6s will be joined at the beach by their new friends from St Michael's - we can't wait to show off all that we do at the beach!
Don't forget to bring in crisp packets and bread bags for us to send off to recycle.
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