16 April 2021


We were so excited to be going back to beach school this morning!   When we got to the beach (it took us little while longer than normal because we were all out of practise!) we listened to one of our favourite Julia Donaldson beach themed stories ‘The Singing Mermaid’.  We spoke about our favourite parts of the story and discussed what might have happened if she hadn’t managed to get back to Silver Sands.

After the story we did some digging.  We dug some small holes and big holes and some children decided that they wanted to dig to China!  We also filled up some buckets counting how many shovelfuls it took to fill it to the top.

We had our snack and then we ran about chasing some bubbles.  It was hard to catch them as the wind carried them very quickly. 

Before we came back up to school we each collected three things that we thought were interesting in our buckets.  Each of us then chose one of our items to talk about and say why we thought they were interesting.

Well done Starfish on a fabulous first Friday back at beach school – we can’t wait to go back next week!

We finally got back to Beach School this week! When we went down the children enjoyed the walk down as they were looking at what our beautiful environment was like. We even spotted different types of birds and had a go at identifying them. The weather stayed nice for us and we managed to do some cross-country. We started at the Golf Course went round, across the dunes and then round the beach back to our bags. One mile in total. We started off with a combination of walking and running until we get used to it and aim to improve each week. We then went litter picking across the dunes, as there wasn't much litter across the beach. We ended up down by the wall. We spent a little while cleaning up the area as it was clear there had been quite a bit of litter left behind. Then, we sat down and enjoyed a well deserved snack and drink before continuing with our learning. We looked at how sound travels in different directions and predicted what we thought was going to happen. We did this by reading some of our class novel at different heights in the dunes. We were quite surprised that the class could hear Miss Scott at the different side of the dune. To end our first day back at the beach we had a go sliding down the wall, which the children enjoyed immensely
With Miss Thompson away, Mrs Threlfall took the Orcas this week.  It was great to be back at beach school, and we started off the term of sessions with PE, and a cross country run along the golf course and back along the beach.  It was great to see most putting in lots of effort, and lovely to see the children encouraging their friends along.  After we had recovered we went onto the beach to do some work on South America.  We made jigsaws, wrote down as many different countries and capital cities as we could think off, and then created a giant map of South America using seaside resources.  Next we read another chapter of our class reader - The Explorers, before splitting into 2 groups to do some drama based on some of the scenes from the story.  We finished off with some wellbeing time, enjoying the sunshine and being back in our happy place!