Well …. What a week.

We have been so busy in Puffin class.

We started the week off, in Maths, by looking at number pairs to 10 by using the double sided counters.  We had to try and see if we could get all the different combinations.  Then we looked at number pairs to 5, 7 and 9.  Hopefully we will be able to remember them and start applying these facts to other areas of our learning.  We also looked a bit more at comparing number sentences as well as working on our reasoning and problem solving skills.  We may know what the answer is but we are finding it tricky to explain how we know that that is the right answer.  We will keep working on this!

Big Maths this week did not disappoint!!  We had 10 children get 10/10 on their CLIC maths (Super effort!) resulting in 8 of these children being promoted to the next level – Well done AMALIA, RORY, CAMERON, FAYE, FLO, CAMPBELL, OSCAR and ZACH on your promotions.  We also had 4 promotions in the Learn Its challenge.  This was CAMERON, CAMPBELL, OSCAR and LUCAS.  As you can see there were double promotions for 3 of them.  Well deserved Puffins!  You are working super hard on your Big Maths at the moment.

In English, we read the rest of Burglar Bill and we were surprised to see him changing the error of his ways and seeing that what he had done was wrong.  We linked it to our Christian Values of respect and perseverance and seeing that even if we make mistakes we can learn from them.  We also took part in our first debate.  We began by debating a topic close to all children’s hearts ‘Should we get homework?’  The children split into two groups and made a list of all their reasons.  We then came back together to debate the subject, presenting the arguments to Judge Flo and Judge Maya.  We will carry on perfecting our debating techniques as we were very polite when we were talking and putting our arguments across – maybe the children need to watch the government debates in the House of Commons!

We are coming to the end of our history topic of Nurses, so this week we decided to compare the different nurses to see what they did to improve nursing.

In art we were looking at trying to add movement into our drawings so that we don’t always draw people as scarecrows in the fields with their arms out stretched.  Take a look at the pictures below to see our efforts.  It’s quite tricky but we did well for our first attempts.

For RE we looked at what charity means in other religions.  We looked at Zakat in the faith of Islam.  This is important to Muslims and is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.  We compared it to some of the things that Christian people do for charity and realised that there were quite a few similarities.


Hope you have a great weekend – we are on half term countdown; One week to go!!

Miss Murray