This week, we started learning about different actions in French and recapped different body parts in French. They even managed to have a go at Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French. They did an excellent job. In science, we looked at vitamins and minerals in the body and we then did some role play where we were pharmacists and had to diagnose different vitamin deficiencies and what we could do to improve that. In English, we looked at writing a poem based on one of the stories from our book ‘Tales in Africa’. We went on a hunt and had to write a poem based on what we found. They then got the opportunity to read them out to each other. They were all fantastic. In maths, the year 3s focused on building their fluency on adding 3 digit numbers with 1,2 and 3 digit numbers and the year 4s continued working on adding 2 4 digit numbers together. In art, we looked at different patterns from different countries and what different types of patterns they used. In history, we looked at how the Romans invaded Britain and if they were justified in invading Britain by looking at reasons for and against. We found out they attempted to invade 3 times and it took them 3 times to be successful but it took years for them to take control of different parts on Britain. It’s been another exciting week of learning and they are all working so hard. 
Class Dojo Sense of the Week is Freddie! Congratulations.