What a busy week, well done Puffins for all your hard work this week.
In maths this week the year 1s having been looking at sorting objects and being able to explain how they have sorted them.  The year 2s have been looking at place value charts and part part whole models.  They have been partitioning numbers in a number of ways.
In English this week we have been focussing on handwriting and writing good sentences using capital letters, full stops and using finger spaces.
We did PE outside, where we started to look at a few different shapes we might use in gymnastics.  We made a tall straight shape, a wide star shape and a small tucked shape.  Once we had practised these a number of times we got with a partner and turned them into a routine of 3 different shapes.  
On Tuesday we had a talk from Eleanor Wood (thank you) about being a nurse.  She told us how she got into nursing, how she was a nurse on a ship and about all of the different things she has to do as a nurse.  We even got to try on some of her uniforms and have a go with her special children's stethoscope.  That was fun!
We have also been good buddies and helped each other to log on to an ipad independently, learnt how to draw noses in art and practising more keeping the pulse in music.
Enjoy the weekend.