15 September 2019

15th September 2019
The first full week back and we have hit the ground running!
On Monday we watched the Tour of Britain cycle race coming through the village.  Please see the report from the Year 3s and 4s below.
Also on Monday individual piano and singing lessons started - I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them whilst I was working!
On Wednesday our Schools' Liaison Officer from the Operation Encompass team came in to do a workshop with Puffins.  They thought about who was important to them in their lives, and what love and friendship means.
After school on Wednesday we ran a phonics and reading workshop for Starfish and Puffin parents.  Thank you to those who came along - hopefully it let you know how we teach reading, and gives you a better understanding of your role in the process.  All Puffin and Starfish parents should have also received information about how and why we use book bands, and what the expectations are at each level.  Please shout if one didn't quite reach you!
It was lovely to see so many people attend Parent Worship on Friday morning before we went down to the beach.  During the Worship we talked about our 3 core school values of Compassion, Perseverance and Respect, and how we are currently focusing on the first of the 3.  I then introduced our charity focus for the next month - 'Save a Penny to Spend a Penny' - where you are encouraged to pop a penny in the collection box that you will be given tomorrow every time you go to the toilet.  The money raised will be collected in on 11th October and will be sent to the charity Toilet Twinning to hopefully 'buy' some toilets for people that need them.  
There was great excitement on Friday during Beach School, when the Craster lifeboat came round to see us.  Thank you very much to Kev Brown for organising it.  Starfish class are looking at lots of different superheros at the moment, so it was fab to meet some real life superheros.
This week is just as busy.  Miss Thompson is out on Tuesday and Wednesday doing some more work on becoming a Thrive Practitioner, and I am out on Wednesday at a Headteachers' Conference. 
On Wednesday, Orcas will have their first pocket trumpet lesson.  On Thursday, they will all go to Swansfield Park Primary School to do a workshop with the Pearl of Africa Choir.  So there is no swimming for Orcas on this Thursday.
Whilst the Orcas are doing the Pearl of Africa workshop Puffins will swim as normal.  We are then going to pop over to Homebase to investigate different building materials as part of our topic work.
Have a lovely week!