15 October 2021


Our story at the beach today was ‘Wide Awake Hedgehog’ by Rose Wellesley.  It was about Isaac the hedgehog who isn't sleepy. In fact, he's quite the opposite – he's wide awake and wants to play. However, autumn is coming and all his little friends want to go into hibernation. They are so sleepy and struggling to keep their eyes open! The only person who will play with him is his invisible friend the wind.

Today we wrote the names of the  animals that Isaac wanted to play with and drew pictures of them.  We thought really carefully about the sounds at the beginning of words and the sounds at the end.  There was some fabulous writing today – well done Starfish!  After writing on our clipboards we did some writing in the sand. 

In the story Isaac plays with the wind.  He tumbles about, so we tumbled down the sand dune.  Some of us decided to run down and some of us decide to roll down.  Isaac also roars with the wind.  We all roared at the sea.  What a lot of noise we made!  In the story Isaac spins round and round – we loved doing this!  It was good doing it on the sand as it didn’t hurt when we fell down!  We spoke about how you couldn’t see the wind but you could feel it and how you could see the wind  move things.  We each took a scarf and walked to the top if the sand dune and watched the wind blow our scarves.

Before we went back up to the golf club for lunch we made some hedgehogs in the sand.  Some of us made little hedgehogs and some of us made a big hedgehog.  We used dried marram grass for the spines.

After lunch we went to the quarry.  We were very excited to see the ponies were back!  At the quarry we made playdough hedgehogs with grass and twig spines, we made houses in leaves for hedgehogs, told hedgehog stories to each other and made hedgehog pictures with leaves.

What a lovely hedgehoggy day we have had!

What a treat this week, Miss Murray came along to beach school and what a day it was! 
Miss Murray was slightly bemused at the drizzly rain which started just as we were leaving school, she wondered what she had agreed too.  Armed with lots of waterproof clothing and a very thick coat She marched with the Puffins (who were doing their very best to keep Miss Murray's spirits up) down to the beach.  By the time we had reached the beach the sun was shining and Miss Murray had to take off a layer of clothing - surely this is unheard of on a Northumbrian beach in October!
The day began with PE - Miss Murray said it was to warm us up and get us active but we had just done that whilst walking down, nevertheless we got straight to it.  We played a beach school version of the 'jelly bean game', using sea animals as our moves.  We had crabs, ganets, seals and jellyfish.  That was just our warm up.  For the main part of the lesson we were doing some accurate target practice.  We used quoits and 'slung' them towards a target.  Once we had had enough practising, we combined our maths by having three target circles, each worth different points.  On our turn we had to throw the quoit into one of the circles, awarding ourselves with the correct number of points.  At the end of the game we added the team's score up by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  Great maths and some amazingly accurate throwing.  To finish off we used all of our muscles to run up and down the sand dunes.  
That was some seriously hard PE so we had earned our snack by this point.  After our snack we headed  off in our groups to write some sentences.  The year ones did some great 'I can see...' sentences, using their phonics carefully to sound out all the words they needed to spell.  All of us remembered to use finger spaces. as well as using a full stop at the end of our sentence.  The year 2s did some beautiful sentences about what they could see but using similes and metaphors too. 
By now we were getting hungry so we headed up to the golf club to have fish fingers and chips with some sponge cake for pudding.  There was even some spare cake for Miss Murray so that made her happy!
After lunch we headed back down to the beach to do some science.  Here we investigated whether different materials could be bent, squashed, twisted and stretched.  We also talked about whether the changes were reversible or irreversible.  
Before we headed back up to school Alexander talked to us about what it meant to belong to the Buddhist faith for our RE this week.  Alexander told us all about the Buddha pictures / statues he has in his home and garden, as well as telling us about the flags hanging in his garden.  He told us that they have mantras on them and that the wind helps to spread these mantras to everyone.  Alexander told us about meditating to help clear minds and think of positive energy, so we decided that there was no better place to mediate than at the beach.  We went to the edge of the sand and sat crossed legged.  We closed our eyes and listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the birds tweeting in the sky.  The sun was beating down on us too (and yes Miss Murray was still surprised at how hot it was).  What a perfect way to end the week.  
We then packed up our bags and began the hot walk back up to school.  The children never complained once and worked together to get everyone safely back up the hill.