15 March 2019



Today we began beach school at ‘The Wall’ where it should have a been  sheltered spot but it was quite windy so after some climbing and exploring we went over dunes onto the beach.  We first spent some time making sand angels and then we began our maths. 

We sang the song ‘1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive’ and then made some fish in the sand which we decorated with ten stones, ten shells and outlined them with seaweed. After maths it was time for some music and movement.  We each had some bongos and we copied a rhythm and moved to the beat.  We played lots of different rhythms and moved along the beach making some lovely sounds.  We also played some bells and made our own shell bells using limpet shells with holes in.  After we had our snack it started to get windy and it began to rain so we decided to head off up to the golf club early.  We walked a different way back and saw some tank traps which we pretended were huge chests full of treasure!  We imagined all the amazing things that might be inside!

When we got back to the golf club (the wind and rain had stopped!) we read our story for this week ‘Dear Zoo’ and retold it to each other using our ‘Talk for Writing’.  We then thought about the elephant in the story and made elephant masks with a party blower trunk.



The day started with worship by the waves this morning and the theme was mindfulness. We have been using the Wild Lent resources for stimulus and this week the theme was togetherness.  Maths lesson began with the year 6s in one group and the year 4/5s in another the children had different questions levelled to their ability based upon multiplying and dividing decimals b integers. It is always fantastic to see the amount of knowledge the children have gained during the school sessions and to use skills that they have learnt.

Tag rugby time! This week the concentration was fitness with different activities including jogging for a minute and with a partner being able to throw the ball move to a space catch and repeat, there skills have developed tremendously not just their ability to throw and catch but also their ability to work as a team.

It was time to finish the beach school videos and review the videos that had been recorded and discuss anyways in which we could improve them or change them. The class are very good at constructive feedback and listening to advice from others.

After lunch, the children split in to three teams, each team developed a play script for Beowulf, they then worked together, rehearsed and developed their plays. The Orcas then shared their plays with the rest of the class and the Puffin class.

It was a windy, but mostly bright day on the beach today.  In a change to the normal routine, Puffins started their day by doing a fast walk/jog to the bird hide.  We talked about how our bodies would change with the exercise, and then observed whether we were correct!  After a drink and a snack we went into the bird hide, out of the wind, to see what birds were on the lake.  We saw teal, heron, mallards, oyster catchers and some seagulls.  We recorded our findings in the community bird watching book, left in the hide.
Next we decided to go the top of the dunes to observe the weather.  It was very windy, so we wend down to the beach, and into the lea of the dunes.  It was just then that a heavy shower came through.  We watched the rain and clouds come across the sea, over us, and beyond to the castle.  We observed and discussed how the light changed, what the rain looked like, and how it made the landscape very different colours.  We then climbed back up into the dunes to make our way back towards the golf club.  We found a sheltered spot to write some weather observations, before heading up to the golf club for lunch.
After lunch we went onto the beach, and out of the wind, to rehearse a play about Grace Darling, read some information about the Grace Darling museum, and listen to some more information about her.  We then performed it to the Orcas, before watching their plays about Beowulf.  We then fought against the wind to come back up the hill to school.