15 June 18

After walking down KS1 and Reception played some compass point and time games, before finding out about some different sharks; whilst KS2 took part in some running races, and then made 3D shapes in the sand, thinking carefully about which was the most stable, and how many vertices, faces and edges each had.

After that, we had a go at making some shelters - most were really good at it, working well as a team, and having some great ideas about how we could do it. Some, however, learnt the hard way.....  We then played in them, and made them even better!

After lunch Class 1 listened to a story about a Magic Paintbrush, and then collected some shells and found out them, and which sea creatures lived in them. We then had a go at sketching them on paper and labelling them, or drawing them in the sand.

Meanwhile, Class 2 headed up into the sand dunes to work on perspectives, sketching the beach huts.