15 February 2023

We has a pleasant morning at this beach this morning.  We were all pleased to see the sun shining.  We began the morning with Worship by the Waves.  We were thinking about 'Hope' and how God gives us hope even in the toughest times.  We then split into two groups.  One half were with Miss Murray and worked on their descriptive writing.  We talked about how the changing colours of the sky was also giving us hope of better days ahead.  The other group went off and did some orienteering with Miss Crowe.  This was so much fun and we can't wait to do it again sometime.  We then had a snack before swapping over.  We got some lovely sentences again.  The second group compared their wind speed to the first groups windspeed and noticed that the wind was stronger later on in the morning.  After our PE and English we went up into the dunes to do some observational drawings.  We all looked at a piece of fern and, before drawing it in our sketch books, we looked at the shapes of the branches and the leaves.  We then spent some time sketching it.  We headed back up to the golf club for our lunch and as we were walking back we tested our partners on their times tables.

Our book at the beach today was ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs United’.  We have been reading ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ in class this week so we were already familiar with the characters in the story.

After listening to the story we wrote about what happened in the story.  We thought carefully about the letters in the words and used our ‘Fred Fingers’ to help spell some words.

Lots of our non-fiction dinosaur books in school have volcanos in so today we made a volcano dinosaur scene.   Mrs Cotton used food colouring, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make our volcanos erupt.  It was great fun!

In the story Harry has his dinosaurs in a bucket.  We made a big bucket in the sand and all got inside and pretended to be dinosaurs.  We then all lay down and looked at the shapes the clouds.  We looked to see if any looked like dinosaurs.

For our maths today we used buckets of dinosaurs to estimate how many dinosaurs were in a bucket.  We wrote the numbers in the sand and then counted the dinosaurs to see how close we were.  We thought about sensible estimates and discussed bigger and smaller numbers.

For PE was played a game of dinosaur stuck in the sand.  It was great fun dressing up and being the dinosaur.

As our story was ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs United’ we spent some time playing dinosaur football with our dinosaurs using tennis balls as footballs!