15 February 2019



What a beautiful day to be on the beach! It was practically tropical today! The children started their day with a parachute session where Bridie discussed what would be happening today. Orcas then went off to their maths area and began their morning session carrying on with the topic of fractions. The children showed an amazing knowledge and understanding of the topic and enjoyed being teachers and providing challenges for their peers.

After maths it was on to tag rugby, we firstly began by discussing the different skills needed and how to pass and receive the ball, then on with the game. Since September I have noticed a huge change in the children’s skills, their ability to work as a team and the development of their determination skills.

A quick snack and then on with science, we carried on the topic of forces and collected rocks to use as part of the experiment, the children talked about the link with mass and force and use the rocks to test their theories - concluding the greater the mass, the greater the force, and consequently the larger the splash.

After lunch it was off with our litter pick, the children collected a great deal of rubbish and plastic that had been left on the beach. We are aiming to do a litter pick every term to ensure we can help keep our beautiful area tidy. In total the children completed a great distance of 5.01 miles.

What a difference a week makes!  It was positively balmy on the beach today!  We started off the session with some reflection time, feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces, and sharing smiles with each other.  Then Puffins carried on with their division work, with progressively more complex divisions using objects.  Next we took advantage of the sunshine to read an illustrated version of Robert Louis Stevenson's poem 'My Shadow', before exploring our own shadows, using our feet as a unit of measure to see who had the longest shadow. After maths we did some PE - working again on our bat and ball skills.
Following snack we did our weather writing.  It was lovely to be able to write about warmth and sunshine.  We are getting some amazing description in our writing, and the quantity and independence is definitely increasing.  Fab job from all the Year 2s using cursive handwriting too!  We then spent a bit of time enjoying the sunshine and watching the waves coming onto the beach.  It was lovely to have some peaceful, still time in our busy lives.
After lunch we recalled our viewfinder work from the previous week, and used them again to find a landscape view.  It was amazing how different the colours were from the previous week!  We then used our viewfinders, a cardboard rectangle, some chalk and items from the beach, to create a collage landscape.  Once they were all complete we turned them into an exhibition and used shell 'coins' to enter the exhibition and 'buy' each other's paintings.  We finished off the day with some time to play - digging holes and making sandcastles in the sunshine.



What a beautiful day it was today!  We couldn’t wait to get to the beach.  When we first arrived we all lay down on the parachute and felt the sun on our faces, it was so warm.  We listened to waves and the birds that were flying overhead.  When we got up to do our first task we noticed that there were some footprints in the sand.  We decided that they were bird prints and then we followed them to see where they went.  We followed them up into the dunes and then thought we had found some treasure!  We dug it out and found that it was an orange tennis ball.  We thought about where it might have come from and decided that it belonged to a dog and that the dog keeps the ball at the beach to play with.  We walked a bit further and then came to a crossroads of bird footprints we had a vote to decide which way to go.  At the end of the footprints there was a big hole which we decided must be a birds home, we all squashed in it and pretended to be baby birds!  On the beach we then noticed lots of different footprints of dogs and people and all different sizes.

We had taken some teddies to the beach to give them a picnic.  We made some food from shells, stones, sand and seaweed.  After that we did some races with our teddies.  We did running, hopping, jumping and side stepping races.  When we had our snack and then made bear caves in the dunes for our bears to live in!  As it was such a sunny day we had enjoyed making shadows.  We read a story about a shadow and what it got up to.  After our story we sang some songs on the beach.