14 September 18

Starfish had great fun on the beach today - they dug and filled buckets, played action games and sang action rhymes - all before snack.  After snack they went exploring in the dunes using their sense of sight to see what they could find.  They carefully climbed up the steep dunes, before coming down on their bottoms to stay safe.
After lunch, Starfish talked about the features of their faces, before finding things to make pictures of themselves in the sand.
A blustery day on the beach!  For Puffins, the day started with seaside maths - using the sand and other natural resources to practice some place value.  We have decided that '10 shells' and 'hundred stones' make life much easier than having to count in ones!  We then continued our practising of throwing and catching in PE, together with some action songs, before cooling down with some snack.  After snack time we remembered our previous beach clean, and discovered that it is the Great British Beach Clean at the moment, so we went in search of litter.  We found quite a bit, and were particularly disgusted at someone having left dog-pooh in a plastic bag.  We talked about what would would write in a letter to the Northumberland Gazette to voice our disgust, thinking carefully about persuasive language. 
After lunch we had a story about the '4 Rs' - Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle - under the parachute canopy.  Next we worked on our science topic, and thought about some of the injuries that we might have on the beach, and how we could give first aid - including practising putting on bandages! 
The Orcas started their day with seaside maths, continuing their work on place value.  Mrs Threlfall could even work out what their 8-digit numbers were from the different resources they used!  They then moved on to PE, where the focus for the half term is on throwing and catching techniques and skills.  After a quick snack to replenish energy, they walked over to the rockpools for science, where they explored further the habitats of coastal marine life, using reference guides to help identify creatures and seaweed.  They discussed how different creatures have adapted to their habitats, looking closely at the differences between species.  
After lunch the Orcas undertook their Great British Beach Clean, collecting a range of rubbish.  They then recalled their anti-pollution letters sent last term, revising some of the language and phrases used to persuade others of their points of view, they then completed a short English task to persuade anti-littering.  The end of the session saw them challenging themselves at 'the Wall', before walking back up to school.  Miss Thompson says that they walked over 5 1/2 miles during the day!