14 May 21

A dry but cool morning for the beach today - but luckily not very much wind.  When we got down to the beach we quickly got on with our descriptions of our surroundings and then set off on our orienteering course - up the steep steps and down past the beach huts.  We are getting much better at orienting our map so the sea is in the right place to help us work out which way we are needing to go.  After our orienteering we learnt about food chains and drew some in the sand.  On our way back across the beach we saw some people putting in some signs on the sand.  We went to investigate and found out that some Ringed Plovers were nesting on the sand in a scratch nest.
This week at Beach School, we continued with our Cross-Country with the Orcas. We are still following the same course but trying to increase our speed and decrease the time it takes us to do the mile. The quickest time for our groups was 12 minutes and the last time was 20 minutes. We were trying to run for two minutes and walk for one. We put in a really good effort and look forward to improving our times next week. We then went along the beach to the rockpools as part of the Big Seaweed Watch. We mapped out of 5m area and then went along to try and identify different types of seaweed and how much seaweed there was. Some of the Seals and Orcas even found a small fish in the sand and put it back into the sea! After the rockpools, we split off into our classes and we focused on our sound unit in science. We had to think about different things and whether we could hear or see them first. To reinforce this learning we played a game with the children using different voices and trying to guess who the voice belongs to. To end our morning we finished by doing worship by the waves and singing Our God is a Great Big God. 
Today we continued our ‘Special Stories’ RE theme at the beach.   This week we heard a special story from Judaism.   It was the story of Esther.  This story is important to Jewish people because it tells the story of how Queen Esther saved the Jewish people.

One of the nursery children dressed up as Queen Esther and we listened to the story.  After the story we thought about what food Esther might have served to the king.   The Reception children wrote a list of food that they thought the King might like to eat and the nursery children made cakes (because everyone likes cake!)  in the sand and decorated them with shells, seaweed and drift wood.  We also thought about how brave Esther must had been and discussed when we had been brave.

For our maths today we thought about triangle shapes and then drew some crowns on the beach using a stick.  We added patterns and repeating patterns with shells onto our crowns.   

Earlier in the week at school, we heard the story ‘Pip and Posy, the New Friend’ by Axel Scheffler.  At the end of the story the friend make a huge sandcastle.  When we saw the picture in the book we decided that we wanted to make one just like it.  We couldn’t get it very tall but we added shells to the sides and put a flag, windmill, pig and frog on the top just like the one in the book.

Just as we were finishing our yoga we noticed that there were some signs being put up on the beach. We wanted to know what they said so we walked over to investigate.  We asked the beach rangers who were there and they told us that some ringed plovers were nesting in the sand.  The showed us how the birds make a nest in the sand and fill it will pieces of broken shells.  We had a go at making our own nests.  We found out that they have put the signs there so that people don’t walk on the birds eggs.