14 June 2022


We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  We listened to a story about how everything in the word has a purpose, a bit like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. We drew pictures in the sand  of people, animals and plants as we listened.

We then had a special guest from Soul2Sand who met us at the beach. She enjoyed making sand art and helped us create a huge picture in the sand of all our class animals. So we helped create the starfish! We used our rakes in the sand to make bubbles and had to press down really hard so that they would stand out. In the starfish we made small circles which created patterns on his legs.

The next thing we did was read our story of the week called ‘One Day on Our Blue Planet… in the Ocean’ which was all about animals in the sea. We talked about all the different animals that we recognised and said what we liked about them. There were lots of new animals that we had never seen before, some looked strange and others looked beautiful, especially the ones that liked to hide in the colourful coral reef!

Next, Miss Bolam showed us some picture cards of different animals from the ocean, we talked about what we knew about them already. We were able to tell her some good facts, including that an octopus can squirt ink when they are frightened! We then learnt lots of new facts, we were amazed to hear that some starfish could have as many as 40 legs and that octopuses have 3 hearts! After this, we wrote a fact file about our two favourite animals, we had to draw them and think carefully about their special features. We managed to remember lots of facts and our drawings had lots of tiny details on them.

Then we headed back over to our sand art and as a school we lined up and sat around it in a circle. The lady from Soul2Sand lifted her drone into the air and took a picture of us from up above! We waved to the drone to show off our fantastic artwork. We can’t wait to show everyone what it looked like soon!


This week at beach school we met a lovely lady who is a very talented sand artist. We worked with her across the morning to help rake bubbles into the sand and rake our puffin. This was so much fun. After the rest of the school had worked on their own animal and bubbles, we went back across and lay around the art. We had our pictures taken by the drone, they look amazing.

Whilst on the beach, we worked on position and direction in maths. We had to give our partner very precise instructions, using the correct vocabulary. We are getting very good at this.

After lunch, we went back to the beach to learn a poem called ‘Five little seeds’. We worked in small groups to learn and perform different parts of the poem. We love performing to the class.

We then had the opportunity to have some independent learning time where we practised making circles in the sand, played with our friends and made some sand castles.