14 June 2019



We were pleased that the rain had eased off today.  It was still a little drizzly but we were looking forward to getting on the beach.  We began the morning with our church school council leading Worship by the Waves. They told us about Trinity Sunday and we took part in a prayer activity by drawing triangles in the sand. 


We started our maths by playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ we discovered that it was quite tricky for some of us to count our steps so we practised lots!  Some of us practised counting in fives and made number lines with shells and stones and some of us discovered different ways of arranging 3,4,5 and 6 objects.


In PE we started with a pirate game where we had to listen to instructions and then do the action.  It was really fun.  After that we used bean bags and travelled in lots of different ways with them.  After PE we noticed that there was a lot of foam in the sea so we spent some time watching it being washed up with the waves and being washed out again.  We found out sea foam is formed when the ocean is tossed round by the wind and waves.


After our snack we listened to a pirate story and then looked inside a treasure chest.  We chose items from the chest and then clapped the syllables in the words.  When we had emptied the chest some children made a list of what was inside while the other children played an ‘I spy’ game using initial letter sounds and descriptive words.

The weather wasn't really sure what it was doing today during our beach session, it was a mix between showers, wind and the odd glimpse of sunshine. 
After a lovely worship by the waves Orca class went straight into maths, we began by discussing axis and what they need to include, then we made a shape on our axis following coordinates and then told a separate set of instructions so the shape would then translate to a different position. The children then moved to the sand area and worked with their partners. After maths we moved onto PE we have recently received some new equipment from Premier League Primary Stars which included pop up goals, cones and bibs which we used on the beach. We began with the children leading the warm up and then moving onto passing and ball skills, we then had a timed penalty shoot out - congratulations to the winning team which consisted of Barnaby, Amber, Scarlett, Tabitha.
A quick hydration and then on to science, we have been looking at Evolution this term, we discussed how a specific animal was adapted to be able to survive within their surroundings. The children were then given a card with an animal on and then given another card with a new ability such as extra legs, colour changing and the ability to eat meat. Each child drew their new animal and discussed the positives and negatives for their new ability. 
After a lovely lunch we were off to learn more about inspirational people, this week it was JK Rowling, the children seemed rather amazed at how much money she had given to charities over the years. 
We then moved to the base of the wall and read another part of The Philosopher's Stone the children then went into groups of three and acted out a scene of their choice. Their dramatic skills and ability to perform and use objects around them has increased greatly!
Following on from Worship by the Waves we carried on with some beach statistics.  The Year 1s made some Carroll Diagrams, whilst the Year 2s chose from tallies, pictograms and bar charts.
In PE today, we practised our standing long jumps, recording our distances.  We then learnt the technique for shot put using bean bags.
Our weather reports today represented the slightly damp conditions... with writing starting to smudge, we retreated to the golf club for an early lunch!
In the afternoon the sun came out in time for us to get the compasses out.  After a quick session round the table reminding us how to set a compass we set off, counting paces in a range of directions.  We are going to practise some more!
We finished up the day with some core strength and stability workouts - running up and down the sand dunes.