14 June 2019

The day started off rather grey, but it didn't stop us having Worship by the Waves and exploring the Trinity.  Then it was straight in to maths.  We continued with our data handling work and collected some objects on the beach.  The Year 1s then made Carroll Diagrams with their data, whilst the Year 2s and 3s made tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. 
After maths it was time for PE and athletics.  We started off warming up playing port and starboard, before doing a best of 2 standing long jump.  We recorded our data and we will see if we can get better at it next week.  Next we learnt the basic technique for shot put, but using beanbags to throw instead.  
Following on from snack we wrote our weather reports.  Unfortunately this was when the drizzle started to turn into proper rain... smudging our paper - we beat a hasty retreat to lunch!
After lunch the sun started to come out.  We started at the golf club reviewing how to set a compass to follow it.  We then had to follow some directions using our compasses and counting out up to 100 paces to get to the beach through the dunes.
Once we were on the beach we spent some time thinking about all the different creatures that we had seen at the beach and imagined how we would describe what they were doing and why to use words to paint a picture.  We then wrote some of our ideas down.
When we had finished we had some time to play on the beach.  We developed our core strength and stability by climbing up and running down the dunes; and worked cooperatively together, enjoying the relative warmth and sunshine!