14 January 2022


The sun was shining and the sea was calm when we got to the beach today.  We lay in the dunes and listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. It was a lovely peaceful start to our beach school. 

 We continued with our story of the week ‘Jack Frost’ by Kazuno Kohara, on the beach this week.  We know the story so well that we didn’t really need Mrs Popay to read it!  We were really good at reciting the words.

The Reception children wrote some ‘red’ tricky words in the sand today and the nursery children practised their squiggle patterns and writing letters that are in their name.

In the story the boy and Jack Frost have a snowball fight so we pretended that our balls were snowballs and practised our underarm throwing.  We climbed the sand dunes and then threw the balls down.  We got much better as we practised.

Mrs Popay had taken some bubbles to the beach today.  We had lots of fun chasing them across the sand.

The book we have been reading this week has a picture of the boy’s house.  We looked closely and saw that it was made from square and triangles.  We tried to draw it in the sand.  It was quite tricky.  We practised our shape knowledge by walking big shapes in the sand and standing back to look and see what shape we had made.

On the way back to school we saw two men with a trolley.  We wondered what they were doing so we very politely asked them.  They told us that they were putting in new way markers so people didn’t get lost.  When we walked past the golf club we knew which van was theirs because we spotted a big signpost on the roof!