14 December 2018

Today at beach school we continued our Christmas theme. The first thing that we did was pretend to be Santa on his sleigh and Santa's reindeer! We used the small parachutes to pull each other along. It was great fun but hard work! We discovered that it is much easier to pull someone down hill than up hill and that it was much easier when two people pulled. We also had sleigh races!
After we had our snack we waited for Orca class to return from their cross country run. Each week we wait for them to come back and cheer when they cross the finish line! We then listened to the story of 'The Night before Christmas' and acted out some of the story.
Before lunch we joined Puffin Class for some games of 'Stuck in the Mud' and 'Dodgeball'. We then sang the Okey Cokey before we went to the golf club for lunch.