School Blog:
This week in school, we have focused on Multiplication and Division of the 3 and 9 times tables. We are slowly climbing up the Times Table Rock Stars Leaderboard. All the children are very excited. We have been focusing on persuasive writing in English. The Boy in the Back of The Class is based on a refugee child called Ahmet. We have been learning about what a refugee is and are writing a letter about why we should help refugees. We also created our own story based on Fire Ants and Robo-Hare and the Eagle. There were some amazing creative stories. We are enjoying our Ancient Greek history this half term and are focusing on painting our designs. They are very talented. In PE we have been doing relay races and in history, we have continued to look at what life was like for children and we were surprised that girls did not go to school. In PSHE we have been focusing on local politics and democracy. We found this very interesting!

This week’s Class Dojo Sense of The Week: Summer-Rose
Star Writer: Mabel.