Well done and thank you to those children who accessed reading eggs/eggspress, numbots or times table rockstars as part of their homework this week.  I know there were one or two problems, so please do not worry if you haven’t managed them yet.  Please do continue to access them at home when you have the time as they would be beneficial to the children’s learning. 

This week we wrote our alternative versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We focused really well and worked hard on our stories, using some interesting vocabulary choices and synonyms for said.  Well done everyone.  The children enjoyed reading them out to each other in class and offering feedback.  This is such an important skill that we are working on; speaking out loud for an audience and being able to critique their peers’ work.  They did well for their first time.

In Maths we have begun our unit on length and height.  We have been measuring in non-standard units, such as, cubes or lego bricks; as well as beginning to accurately measure with a ruler.  We discussed the rules of using a ruler and how important it is to make sure things are lined up correctly before beginning to measure it. 

Big Maths was fruitful again this week producing 6 promotions, with one of those being a double promotion as well as one child on their third week in a row promotion.  Big shout out to MARLEY, ELLA, OSCAR and CARTER on their CLIC promotion as well as CARTER and HUNTER promotions on their Learn Its.  Super effort everyone.  There were some very close results so fingers crossed that list gets a bit longer next week. 

We made some prayers in RE after thinking about the story of the ‘Lost Son’.  We thought about parts of the story where there could have been forgiveness, thankfulness or praise.  We then used these themes to make up our own prayers. 

In PE we had fun outside (while the sun shone) practising our balancing.  We were using low and high balances as well as perfecting our rolls, jumps and ways of travelling.  Next week we are going to put it all together and practise some longer sequences.

For art, the children were planning their big collages.  They had to think up a design and then make a list of materials they might want to use.  Don’t forget to ask you child what they want to use as they are able to bring some resources to use for it from home.  If you are struggling then do please get in touch and we can try and sources some more things for you.   


Hope you have a good weekend