Well that half term certainly flew by .... for me it did anyway!  We made it to the half term and what a busy one it was too.  We have loved learning all about how Australia is different from the UK - We are still going to be doing some more about this after half term.
This week we carried on looking at fractions.  We took a closer look at finding halves of amounts.  We used the numicon to help us initially, then once we had it sussed we moved on to doing some in our books using the method we have learnt in Big Maths.  We also took a brief look at finding quarters.
In English we finished off our information booklet by adding captions to our pictures, a contents page, a glossary and an index.  Hopefully we will have some more pages to add to it after the holidays.  We then wrote letters to Mr. Chicken, inviting him to come and visit our tourist attraction.  I wonder if he'll ever visit?
We had our final gymnastics session with Simon this week, we have loved a Tuesday afternoon but we are also looking forward to going back to Willowburn for our swimming lessons - DON'T FORGET YOUR SWIMMING KITS ON THURSDAYS AFTER HALF TERM!
We finally got round to designing and decorating our model didgeridoo's - the children thought carefully about what they wanted to put on them and concentrated hard when painting.
I hope you all have a restful week and have lots of fun.  Don't forget to do lots of reading, times table rockstars and writing.
Happy Half Term!!