13 September 2019

We really were blessed with the weather for the second Beach School session of this academic year! When we arrived on the beach Mrs Threlfall lead the school with a mindfulness / Thrive session allowing the children to take in their surroundings and just have a moment to relax, it really was a lovely way to start. 
Orca class split into Bright Sparks and Super Stars for their first lesson of the day which was maths. Bright Sparks worked hard to use Roman Numerals and expressing different amounts using the sand, shells and lolly sticks. Super Stars were able to express numbers up to ten million using different materials. The photos really show how super they looked. 
We then moved onto some Thrive work, the children were asked to collect stones and shells which they found aesthetically pleasing and are then going to use these to produce a piece of artwork using clay this week. The children are able to access the right hemisphere of their brain when doing the collection activity. The activity was very sensory based and allowed the children to explore different textures within the beach environment. Keep an eye out on the class blog for pictures of the art work, I imagine they will be fabulous!
After a snack and a quick hydration we then began our Topic lesson carrying on with the topic of Stone Age.  The children carried on developing their note taking skills as they learnt about Carn Gluze or Ballowall Barrow which is a late Stone Age, Neolithic burial chamber in Cornwall. After taking notes the children then used their sketch books to sketch the image of the Barrow. 
A lovely lunch at the Golf Club and back to the beach. Our knot of the week this week was a figure of eight, the children then furthered this by putting their ropes around their waists and tied the rope as a rock climber would.
This week we were treated by a visit from the Craster in shore lifeboat. The children were very excited about this visit and some children were even able to wade through the water and explore the rib. 
Orcas then went back to their Maths Area and listened to some more Stig of the Dump, they then worked in pairs to produce a scene with a partner. A special mention to Corban and Mabel who showed some fantastic acting skills! 
What a glorious day!  After starting with some reflection time on the beach, focusing on the sun on our faces, the sand underneath our bodies and our breathing going in and out, we were ready to start our session.  We immediately got on with our weather data gathering (wind: easterly, 5 mph; temp: 19 degrees; sun stick at 10 am: 45 cm; weather: sunny).  In maths in class the Y2s have been focussing on Part-Whole models, so we carried on with that in maths, finding lolly sticks with the correct numbers  and making our Part-Whole model in the sand.  Y1s played a number bonds to 10 domino game.  After maths, as the tide was out, we went down on to the wet sand for a game of 'stuck in the sand' before continuing with some target practice - this time with beanbags to try and get a bullseye.  We added up our points to try and beat our scores.
After snack we listened to the poem 'Ten Things Found in a Wizard's Pocket' and then went to collect items from the beach to make our own 'Ten Things Found on the Beach' poems.  We found all sorts - a walking stick for a sea snail, a seaweed hairband to keep the hair out of a mermaid's eyes, a shell eye-patch for a pirate, to name but a few.  We will be continuing with this descriptive writing over the next few weeks.  We then shared our work with each other before heading up to lunch.
After lunch we listened to the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat', but were distracted half-way through by the Craster Lifeboat coming to visit us!  Some of us got the chance to sit in it (getting slightly wet in the process!) whilst others made their own lifeboats in the sand.  It was really great to see them (and they brought cake too!!)
When the lifeboat had come we moved to the river and talked about what we could remember so far from our topic on the Great Fire of London.  We talked about how they put the fire out before making our own bucket chain to fill a large bucket with water.  It was great fun and a good opportunity to practise some teamwork skills!!
At the end of the day we had some 'Thrive Time' - messing about in the river with buckets (getting slightly wet in the process!) - before walking wearily back up the hill to school.
Thank you very much to our governor, Christine, for spending the day with us.

We began beach school today with some mindfulness time on the parachute along with the rest of the school.  We lay on the parachute with our eyes closed, feeling the sun on our faces, listening to the sea and focusing on our breathing. We are very good at being still.


Our story today was ‘Monkey and Me’ by Emily Gravett.  Mrs Popay read us the story with the help of a monkey!  We had fun using our imaginations acting out the actions for the animals in the story.  After we had listened to the story we began to write our own version of the story thinking about what monkey might have seen if he had gone under the sea.  Some of us wrote the sounds in the words of the under the sea animals we thought of and some of us drew the animals in the sand.


In  PE we played some singing games and a chasing game which involved collecting pegs from each other.  It was really fun and some children collected eight pegs!  When we walked back up the beach we pretended to be the animals that we had written about earlier.


In maths we sang ‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’ and then thought about how every time a monkey fell off the bed it was one less each time.  We realised that we could show that by writing a subtraction number sentence in the sand.  Some of us had a go at doing it on our own.  Some of us practised careful counting and recognising numbers and began to make a number line. 

After lunch we made monkey puppets and tried to remember as much of the story from the morning as we could.  Between us we remembered all the animals!

As our theme this term is Superheroes we sat and discussed real life super heroes.  We were amazed that we then had a visit from some everyday superheroes, the lifeboat crew from Craster!  They arrived on their rib and we asked them to tell us how they are superheroes when they save lives.  We decided that they are very brave.

Before we went back to school we had some ‘Thrive Time’ we took off our welly boots and socks and felt the abrasive texture of the sand between our toes.  We enjoyed burying our feet and wiggling our toes to get them out.