13 November 2020

Orcas and Seals
Seal Class: In beach school this week, we started by playing 21. It's a good way to practise our numbers. We then practised our multiplication maths by creating equal groups using beach resources. We followed on by playing frisbee with the orcas and finished off by creating our own Roman Bath House. We then each took turns going into each area of the Roman Bath House. It was very relaxing.

Orca Class: In beach school this week, we looked at division with shells. Then we played Ultimate Frisbee with the Seal Class. We started by doing some warm-ups, which we all chose to do and then we practised by passing to our partners before going into team games. Then we read some of our Holes Book. Stanley and Zero were digging their holes together. They were taking turns taking the dirt away in the wheelbarrow. We then had our own go of digging holes on the beach in pairs. We managed to dig a 4ft deep hole and a 3 and a half ft deep hole. The Seal Class were amazed by our holes when they had a look. We managed to then fill it in before leaving the beach. 



Today we celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali at beach school.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita.  Our favourite part of the story was when the monkeys and all the animals made a bridge to help rescue Sita.  In the story we heard how people lit lamps to show Rama and Sita the way home.  We found out that people light lamps at Diwali to remember that light triumphs over dark and good triumphs over evil.  We collected shells and then made our own diva lamps.  We even had real lights to put inside.

We found out that although there are lots of Hindu’s all over the world many of them live in India.   In India they play a game called Kabaddi.  We played our own version and had great fun shouting ‘Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi’. 

Our maths was all about patterns.  Throughout Diwali Hindus draw symmetrical patterns on the floor, near the door to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to go into their homes.  We used feathers and sticks to draw our own rangoli patterns in the sand.  We tried to make them the same each side but it was quite tricky!

Before we went back to school we stood and watched some big waves.  There was a stick at the water’s edge and we were fascinated watching the waves come up and over it.  We wanted to wait and watch it be washed into the sea but we had to get back to school for lunch!