13 March 2020


We began beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  As our theme for worship at the moment is ‘Thankfulness’ we thought about what we were thankful for and drew pictures in the sand. We finished with a prayer and sang ‘Give thanks with a grateful heart’.

After worship by the waves we collected some big stones to make stepping stones.  This week we have been learning the poem ‘Stepping Stones’.  We placed the stones in a circle and stepped on the stepping stones while reciting the poem.  It was quite tricky concentrating on saying the poem and stepping on the stones.

We know the poem really well so we practised our writing in the sand by writing the words in the poem.  We thought carefully about the sounds in the words.

As the tide was a long way out we decided to go rock pooling.  We found it really interesting and had great fun but we didn’t find any creatures.  We were really hoping to find some crabs but all we found were limpets. 

When we went back up to the sand dunes we decided to see if we could make our own pools and dug some holes in the sand, they quickly filled up with water.

Before we went to the golf club for lunch we played some games with the parachute.  We played some changing places games, gave the sheepdog a ride and bounce and then finally  used the parachute as tent.