13 December 2019

It was a bit of a wet, windy and cold day today, but we decided to brave the elements for a shorter session today.  
After Worship by the Waves where we sang some of our Christmas Play songs, Puffins made a huge seaweed Christmas Tree.  We used streamers, and ourselves, to decorate it!  We then used the streamers to explore wind and shelter.  The wind was offshore today, so by the river the wind was blowing very strongly, but when we moved into the lea of the dunes it was much calmer.
At about 11.00 we decided that the weather wasn't looking much brighter, so came back up to school to dry off!
Due to weather today we had a shorter than normal beach school.  We sang our Christmas play songs as part of our Worship by the Waves and then we heard the Christmas story.  
We collected lots of different stones to make a nativity scene.  Fortunately the tide was out and there were lots of little rock pools so we had a good choice of different sized and shaped stones. We helped Mrs Cotton to make all the people in the story and build a stable.  We were very pleased with our result!
Before we came back to school we played a Christmas themed version of 'Stuck in the Mud' with chasing Santa and his reindeer!