This week we have been writing letters to Bob – the Man on the Moon, so that we can find some more information out about him and his job as an astronaut.  The children are eagerly awaiting his reply.

We have also been looking at the concept of ‘not judging a book by its cover’ and that someone’s appearance does not always tell us what a person is like. Just like Bob didn’t look like an astronaut, we explored the fact that Jesus didn’t look like someone special but he turned out to be very special indeed.  We looked at some other characters that do not look like who they turn out to be such as Clark Kent and Peter Parker! 

In maths we have been doing some adding.  Some us using the column method and some of us using part whole models to find the missing numbers.  We still need more  practise with using a column so we are going to carry on this method next week.

Big maths continues to provide results with most people beating their scores in both the CLIC challenges as well as the Learn Its challenge.  We had promotions for ELLA and MARY in their Learn Its challenge – well done you two!!!  Super maths.

In our History lesson we began looking at Christopher Columbus.  We found out when he was alive and what he was trying to do.  Next week we are going to look at what happened when Columbus started sailing West as he headed for ‘The Indies’.  What do you think happened?

Art was fun and exciting because we got to mix colours.  We were experimenting to see what happens when we mix the primary colours of red, yellow and blue together.  We managed to make some lovely oranges, greens and purples.  We then used these secondary colours to make a colour field inspired by the artist Mark Rathko.

In RE we looked at how Jesus is one person but represents three things; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  We discussed about all the things we could be; sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, friends, student, granddaughter, grandson etc.  Miss Murray also said she was a cook, cleaner, maid, referee and chauffeur (to her children!!).  We talked about the word ‘Incarnation’ and what it means.

We also did some Remembrance Day work on Wednesday as well as some more typing.com practice and some dancing on Thursday.  We improved our dancing from last week which is a good sign!! 


Have a good weekend everyone, stay safe

See you on Monday

Miss Murray.