This week in school we have had a very busy week. We’ve learnt about different food chains in science. We looked at producers, consumers and decomposers. It was very interesting to see what we thought each was and we were surprised to find out a slug was a decomposer. We then looked at the different colours in French, which we all had a go at pronouncing. In English, this week we looked at a range of different poems some that focused on Remembrance Day and others written by the poet Valerie Bloom. There was one about the people next door and they invited us for supper but most of us decided not to attend as they were a bit strange. In computing, we have started looking at Google Docs and how to format different fonts which were quite fun! On Wednesday, we marked Remembrance Day by taking part in our two-minute silence with the rest of the school. We also read out In Flanders Field and shared it with our parents, which we enjoyed. We have also managed to practise our sewing with Miss Thompson in time for making something for Christmas, which we are looking forward to. We have also managed to fit in some Kahoot this week, which the children have enjoyed and it’s a lovely way to recap our learning.

We look forward to seeing what next week brings.

Class Dojo Sense of the week is Freya. Well done!