12 October 2022


Our story this week in school is ‘Patcho and Pigeon : Dynamic Duo’.  In the story it’s the day of the ice cream festival and the evil Dr Jelly is causing chaos across the city.  The dynamic duo Patcho and Pigeon clean up the streets and save the day!

After we listened to the story we wrote about Patcho and Pigeon, thinking about the sounds we have been learning in Read, Write, Inc.  Next we made lots of sandcastles to make a city. We walked carefully around our buildings making sure that we didn’t knock any over.  After that we collected seaweed to pretend it was jelly and we were Dr Jelly covering all the buildings.  We finished by jumping on all our sandcastles!

We went on a feather hunt along sand and then used them to make a pigeon. We also discussed what some of the words in the story meant such as spectacular, nemesis, situation, scene and disruptive.

After lunch we collected shells, stones and small pieces of seaweed.  We used this to make repeating patterns.  We extended patterns and then made our own for our friends to finish. 

In the story there is a parrot that echoes what is being said.  We went up to the pill box to see if we could make hear an echo.  After a walk through the ferns we went back to school.