12 October 18

With the understanding and the decision made that due to the weather the children would only spend a half day at the beach today Orca's set off with their best foot forward to ensure that they had some great quality time on the beach.
The brisk walk took Orca's through the dunes and to the twitcher's hut. The group were able to identify the birds that they observed and a big thank you to the two gentlemen who also helped the group spot and identify the different breeds. The children then needed to estimate the amount of each bird which they observed. 
After that, the group led by Bridie learned about the migration of different bird types, and sketching of the birds they had observed that morning.
Following that, the group moved onto discussing and learning about Sir David Attenborough. Then a brisk and blowy walk back up to school. 
Puffins and Starfish
With inclement weather forecast, the decision was taken to only go out in the morning this week.  Puffins and Starfish decided to go to the sheltered spot at the bottom of 'the Wall' to spend the morning learning about puffins.  After sharing what we already knew, Helen gave us some more puffin facts, and we looked at some pictures of puffin burrows.  We then found our own spots around the dunes to dig into the sand to make our own puffin burrows.  We thought about how we would make it warm and cosy for a puffin egg.  Whilst our eggs were hatching we had snack and listened to a story about a puffin called Fido.  Then we spent some time being little pufflings coming out of the nest for the first time, and sliding down the dunes to get to the sea.