12 November 2021

This morning we walked to the pill box by North Farm Cottages for our Remembrance Service.   We recited the poem ‘Poppy, Poppy’ that we have been learning this week.  We listened carefully to Puffins telling us about people in their family that had been in wars and listened to a poem that Seals had learnt.  Then the eldest child in school and the youngest child in school laid a poppy wreath.  Orca’s read us poems that they had written and we had a special two minutes silence when we thought about people who had died in wars.  Mrs Threlfall then said some prayers to finish. 

After our Remembrance Service we continued walking across the fields to the beach.  We stopped in the dunes for our snack and to recite our poem again.

We when got onto the beach we sang ‘Ten red poppies growing in the fields’ to the tune of ten green bottles.   We then reminded ourselves of why we wear poppies this time of year.  We also thought about the poppies that were growing in the fields in the film that we watched yesterday.

We heard about when soldiers were fighting in the trenches and how they had to stay there for a long time.  We used spades to dig some trenches in the sand.

Fortunately we didn’t get the rain that was forecast for this morning!

We started by having our Remembrance Service at the Pill Box by North Farm Cottages. It was a lovely way to gather as a school and share poems and stories. We then had a 2-minute service to remember those who had lost their lives and those who have fought for their country. We finished our service with prayers. We then went down to the beach down by the bird huts and started off our learning by playing the multiple game. The children had to group themselves into a multiple of the number shouted. It was a good way to recall some of our times tables. We then read some more of our class book 'Stig of The Dump'. The children seem to enjoy it and we can't wait to see if Stig is real or if he is a figment of Barney's imagination. We then created a Poppy on the Beach as a class as part of our Remembrance Day learning. By this time, we were ready for lunch and the children seemed to love their chips and sausage rolls. We then headed back up to school where we did our circuits. They worked very hard to try and improve our scores from last time and they put a huge amount of effort in.