12 July 2022


On our way down to the beach today we did our North East Children's Cancer Run.  We ran nearly all the way to the beach!

Our story this week was ‘Count and Play with Barry the Fish with Fingers’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.  When we went To Alnwick Library the previous week this was one of the books that we chose to take back with us.   Barry the Fish with Fingers has lots of favourite activities! He loves painting and knitting, amongst other things, and being with his friends.

After we had listened to the story we wrote a list of the five favourite things that Barry loves to do.  When we read the story we compared our beach environment with under the sea where Barry lives.  There were lots of similarities such as sand, seaweed, shells and stones.

We then went on a beach walk to collect some razor shells to use as Barry’s fingers!  We then each made a picture of Barry in the sand using the shells we had collected.

In maths we thought of different ways to make five and thought about what coins we use when we pay 5p for our snack.  We also collected groups of five objects to help us count in fives. 

One of Barry’s favourite things to do is to play tickle tag with his friends.  We had a go at playing this game.  Some of us were really good at catching our friends!  

Barry also likes to do finger painting.  We didn’t have any paints at the beach so we used our fingers to do some finger printing in the sand.  We made flowers, rockets, cars and wrote our name.

We sat on the beach and spoke about our five favourite things to do.  We made sure that we spoke loudly and clearly for everyone to hear.  When other people were talking we all listened very carefully.  While we were doing this we saw lots of dolphins in the sea!

Before we came back to school we made some towers of stones and made models in the sand.

We started this week's beach school by participating in the Children's Cancer Run. All the children made a fantastic effort and it was lovely to see families come and cheer them on before enjoying an ice pop to cool down. We then went off to start our beach school. We spent some time team building and working on different things before taking part in the STEM challenge which Thomas, Freddie and Isaac thought about before the others joined in by adding different variations. They created a path for a ball to travel and tested and adapted until the ball made it to the end. We then joined the Orcas for PE where we did a range of different activities involving throwing and passing a tennis ball, before heading back to the Golf Club for lunch. After that, we headed to the Wall. We had not been there for a while, so the children enjoyed exploring and discovering the dunes as well as climbing up and gliding down the wall. We then finished off our beach day with a Sandcastle Competition, where the children broke off into threes with the Orcas to make a castle-themed Sandcastle. We had a range of different themes including; Ancient Egypt, A Historical Castle, Dunstanburgh, Hogwarts, Nature and a Titan Defending Castle. It was a lovely way to end our beach day before heading back to school.