This week in Seal Class we have been continuing to look at The Lost Words. We have planned and written a Cinaquin and we have looked at writing a Simile and a Metaphor. It was very tricky as they were both very similar but with more practice, we will get there. We have also looked at addition and subtraction concentrating on 4-digit numbers and exchanging. We have started our topic all about Wales, we are looking at being able to locate all the different counties and some of the main cities using Google Maps. We enjoyed an afternoon of splitting off into two teams and playing the democracy game. We had to work together to create arguments for a range of topics. The children all worked hard on their arguments and ensured they worked together as a team. 

Class Dojo Sense of The Week: Charlie

Star Writer of The Week: Grace


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Today we have been counting in 25! Most of us have found this particularly tricky but also quite interesting.

We also did English in this lesson we did an introduction about a picture which we think we will make into a story.

We also made a remembrance poem which we will read out on the beach and we will also have a 2-minute silence.

Today something very exciting happened...Grace got her pen licence!

Moving on to lessons in English we made some poems about Dandelions and Heather. Here are some of the poems they are in the other colour.

A plant, Heather,         

Dandelion meadows, Heather is tall,

Dandelion on the top hill, Heather is tall and nice

Planting. and big, 



Today has been pretty busy. We have so far done lots of maths, English and GPS. For Lunch, we had beef with Yorkshire Puddings and vegetables. For pudding cheesecake or ice cream.