The first week back and the children have settled in so well. We have had a new child join our very exciting class. The children have made Charlie very welcome. It was lovely to see the children all excited to come back into school and see their friends and learn, they have done extremely well this week.

This week in Seal Class, we have focused on continuing to read The Witches. The children engage well with this story and find it both exciting and disgusting. We have also had a debate on whether or not we should keep chairs in class, and as we are a democracy, the chairs are staying. It was lovely to see all the children get involved and contribute to the House of Seals. We had some great Speakers of the House as well.

On Tuesday, we had a Science Day as it is British Science Week. We focused on DNA as we had a session with Dr Mandy Hartley who wrote DNA Detectives: The Stone Age Mystery. We found out that we share 60% of our DNA with a banana. From this, we had an afternoon of activities that focused on making DNA Helixes, Recreating a face from DNA sequencing and finding out about a famous scientist. It was really fun.

We also had a session with Victoria from the Royal Geographical Society about Plastic in the Ocean. This was very enlightening and we are very mindful of the plastic we use. This is leading to the children doing their own plastic diaries. That they will discuss next Friday. The children also enjoyed getting outside today and playing Rounders. We weren't quite sure of the rules, to begin with, but we became very knowledgeable by the end and ended up having a few more rounds.

This week's Class Dojo Sense of The Week is Indira. Congratulations.

I hope you have a lovely restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday,

Miss Scott