It was great to see all the little (or big as think some of you have grown over the last few weeks) Puffins back in class this week.  We have all really missed being together.  Hopefully that's it now.
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the children for coming back and just getting on as if things were always like this.  Yes there are more rules and routines and yes it takes us twice as long to get through all the extra handwashing we need to do but the children just got on with it this week.
We enjoyed getting back together, sharing stories and sharing the things we have been learning at home.  Hopefully they have been sharing their class learning at home with you too.
We have crammed so much into this first week - may as well start as we mean to go on!!  Ha ha.  We took a look at the rescue that made Grace Darling famous, we acted out the story and talked about how she would have been feeling at different points of the rescue.  The children's acting skills were great - videos below.  They really thought about the facial expressions and the sequence of events.  Take a watch of the videos and see if the children can retell the story to you.
We did some more work on time, this was to assess to see where the children are with their learning and see where I need to take it next.  We did a reading and maths test too - the children were great and didn't moan about these!  The results will help me plan more effectively for the remainder of the year.  
We also did some outdoor PE in the cold and wind.  Have you ever tried to throw a tennis ball in the wind? - it was funny trying to get it to go where we wanted it too.  We just thought about all the extra muscles we would be working. 
In Big Maths we had two promotions - these promotions were both on the Learn Its and they go to MARLEY and RORY.  Well done for promotions on your first week back. 
Hope you all have a good weekend and will see you on Monday.