11th November 2019


Today after our wonderful Remembrance Service Orca class began writing their own Remembrance poems. Each child read these out to the class and there were some fabulous and very moving poems written. 


After poetry, Mrs Brealy began to teach the child about spring and neap tides. This included the children following the moons cycle we had some wonderful volunteers who were either a moon, sun or earth. 


A quick hydration and then onto Maths. The children split into their Bright Sparks or Super Star groups and worked to complete their learning objective. 


Another lovely lunch and then back to the beach. The children began with topic where they investigated the Bronze Age and Stonehenge they developed their note taking skills. We continued with Topic where the children used the materials around them and produced models of Stonehenge.


After today we definitely have some very talented poets in Orca Class. 


As Beach School this week was on Monday we had some extra Nursery children who hadn’t experienced Beach School before – it was very exciting! Starfish took part in our very moving Remembrance Service on the beach this morning.  They all remained still and quiet during the two minutes silence.  We added the poppies that we had made next to wreath that the oldest and youngest child in school placed on the sand.

We then discussed why we wear poppies.  The Reception children wrote about what we had discussed and the Nursery children drew poppies in the sand and collected black stones to put in the centre.

We thought about the soldiers in the war and we learnt about how some of them fought in trenches.  We dug a big long trench in the sand.  After we had dug our trench Mrs G taught us how to march.  We often march on the beach but Mrs G taught us how to follow some commands.  Some of us were very good although we need some more practise on learning our left and right!

After snack we painted poppies on some stones and sang ‘Ten Red Poppies Standing in the Sand’ to the tune of ‘Ten Green Bottles’.  It was really good for our subtraction skills.   On North Beach the sea had exposed some rocks with some rock pools.  We carefully explored the rocks by walking over them and looked for creatures in the pools.  Sadly we didn't see any today.

After our lunch at the Golf Club we headed back up to school as we were having our first gymnastics lesson with Sam.

It was lovely to have Miss Murray with us at the beach today!
After the Remembrance Service, where the Puffins read their Poppy Poems, we got straight on with our geography weather data collection.  No measuring the sun-stick today - we did have a discussion about the fact that the sun was still there, just unfortunately hidden behind the thick dark clouds!
Next we did some maths.  The Year 2s worked on their column addition and subtractions, whilst the Year 1s went for a times table walk - walking up and down the beach, shouting out their 2s, 5s and 10 x tables, before doing some work in the sand adding together 3 groups of shells.
This half term in PE, the Puffins are doing circuit training, so we did 2-minute sets of a variety of exercises.  It was great to see the level of effort some children put in to their work!
After snack time, we sat and showed Miss Murray how we do our English on the beach.  After thinking about our Poppy Poems, we decided to do our own similar poems using different characters that might have been at, or near the front line.  We had some lovely ideas - from 'Soldier, soldier, what do you see?' to 'War horse, war horse, what do you see?' and 'Dog, dog, what do you see?'  We read each other our poems and then walked up for lunch.
After lunch we came back down to the beach to do some large collages of fireworks, linking in to our history topic of the Gunpowder Plot.  We used different types of seaweed to make our firework pictures.  We rounded off the afternoon by moving like fireworks - including making a giant Catherine Wheel shape by all lying on the sand!