11th March 2022

This week we have been looking at writing expanded nouns phrases based on some images of Kenya.  We then up levelled these sentences by thinking of alternative words for some of the adjectives.  We also read our new book ‘Lila and the Secret of the Rain’ and discussed how Lila would be feeling at various points of the story.  We also drew a story map to help us remember how the story goes.

In maths we carried on looking at fractions.  We have been looking at halves of amounts and quarters of shapes (yr1) and mixed number and improper fractions (yr2).

For our PE lesson we carried on with circuits.  We made our own up, demonstrated this to the rest of the class then did a round robin of all the activities.

We looked at some activities in PSHE and had to decide whether they showed compassion or not.  If they weren’t compassionate activities we discussed ways to make them better.

In RE we discussed what Easter meant to Christians and then took a look at the Easter story.  We then split up into groups and made a tableau scene of one part of the story.  The rest of the class then had to guess which part it was.

On Wednesday we had a look at life in rural Kenya and compared it to life in Embleton.  We were amazed at the amount of things the young girl had to do before she even went to school!  It makes our lives look easy. 

This week was also British Science Week.  On Thursday we carried out a few tests to see if we could answer this question; “Do our body parts grow as we get older?”.  We measured our feet and hands to try and test this.  We also talked about biodiversity in the school environment.  We made bird feeders to try and attract different species to our school field.  Lets see if we can spot the birds that visit them.

Big Maths promotion this week goes to OSCAR for getting all his Learn Its right within the time. Well done. 


Have a good weekend Puffins

Miss Murray and the Puffin Class team.