11th February 2022

This week we have been looking at our class story of Giraffes can’t dance again.  We have been looking at using speech to create a conversation between Gerald and the Cricket.  We had to remember where to put our ‘66’ and ‘99’.  We also thought about different synonyms for ‘said’.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication; especially arrays.  We have had to think carefully about the different columns and rows in the array and what each one represented.  We looked at the inverse to these arrays too.

On Tuesday it was Internet Safety Day so we talked about how to stay safe while using the internet.  We discussed how important it is not to chat online unless we are absolutely sure we know who it is.  We made chatterboxes so that we can promote discussion with people at home regarding online chatting.

This week in RE we explored how Muslims pray in more detail.  We found out about the main actions of how Muslims pray and learnt about the five different times of the day that Muslims pray.

In Music Mr Easton taught us how to read music.  We started off with 3 basic notes and read them in a variety of different combinations.  This was fun and we tried really hard. 

Big Maths promotions this week go to: MARLIE, POLLY, LUCAS, OSCAR and ALEXANDER!  Well done to you all.