11 September 2020

Seal Class
As part of our first Beach School session, we started with a little bit of mindfulness as the Beach is such a calming environment. We then spent a little bit of time practising our listening skills by playing Simon Says. We then went on a lovely walk up to the sand dunes as it was a bit windy down on the beach. When we were up there, we did some Beach Science. We created our own Human Digestive System, where the children represented different parts. Arthur narrated this for us and used great scientific vocabulary to explain what was going on in the different parts. We then wrote a poem based on our English Book 'Escape from Pompeii'. Using 'Pompeii Pompeii, what do you say' as our starting point. The children wrote some lovely poems and shared them with the rest of the class. We then spent some time doing beach music, as we did not get to do our drumming lesson this week. So, we used our bodies as our instruments and made our own clapping rhythms. 

We were very excited for beach school today!  Only two of Starfish had been to beach school before.  There was a new routine to get used to when we came into school today but with some good listening skills and concentrating we were finally ready!  We walked down to the beach following Mrs Cotton and the trolley. 

When we first got to the beach we had the buckets and spades and did some digging.  The sand was quite dry so we couldn’t make any sand castles but we had great fun digging holes and filling the buckets.

We then sat and listened to a story about a penguin family that lived in a zoo.  After our story we had some lolly sticks and practised writing the letters that we had learnt this week in the sand.  It was quite tricky in the soft sand but as it was high tide we couldn’t go to the damp sand.  After a while it got very windy and the sand was blowing about so we retreated to the dunes for the rest of the morning. 

In the dunes we did some counting and ordering of numbers and played some games.  We learnt to play ‘Stuck in the Mud’.  We played it a few times until we understood the rules.  We were all ready for our snack after that!

We then recorded our poem ‘Chop, Chop’ that we had learnt this week (it is quite hard to hear because we were competing with the wind!) and then had some quiet Thrive time where we tried to see if we could hear else apart from the wind! We finished off the morning with a walk up the dunes looking at the plants and wildlife.  When we walked down we all pretended to be aeroplanes!

We can’t wait to go back to beach school next week and we hope it won’t be quite as windy!

 The first beach school of this school year and what a lovely start it has been! After a leisurely walk down within our different bubbles orca class jumped straight into maths. This week we were concentrating on place value and using different objects to represent the different amounts. We did tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions. 


After that, we began our beach art, concentrating on Dunstaburgh Castle and using our water colour pallets to produce different shades. As a class we would like to use these images and make cards to then sell to raise money to adopt an Orca for a year. 


Moving on with our lessons we began our guided reading session continuing with our book Holes we then acted out one of the scenes in partners to continue and further our understanding of the book.