11 October 2019


A lovely blustering day today, when we arrived on to the beach we all stopped to look at how it had changed and how much the sand and tides had moved since our last visit (only 7 days ago).

Since our normal maths area has now been moved due to the change in tides we had to find a new maths area. Bright Sparks were investigating three and four digit numbers and placing them on a number line, Super Stars continued to develop their understanding of rounding and were rounding six digit numbers to the nearest 10, nearest 100, nearest 1000, nearest 10,000.

After maths it was on with PE and a great introductory session to tag rugby. The children found passing backwards and or sideways somewhat tricky but they persevered and began to get the hang of it. Orca class then went for an exploration of the new route for the river that had appeared over the last week; we then discussed what we had previously learnt about rocks, we then investigated and tried to understand what types were rocks which we found.

A lovely lunch and then off for some knots, the children recapped their previous knots and then began to learn a new one which proved rather challenging. We then moved onto some Thrive work as a whole class, we discussed safe places and how we can use safe places, how they make us feel and began discussing different words for specific emotions. Each child then drew their own safe place and described how it made them feel. It was a fantastic moment and in such a great location too!

We then moved onto English and read the next part of Stig of the Dump. The children then worked in groups to act out that specific part. Another successful day!

Our weather data this week reports 'sunny but quite windy' - about 12 mph (and definitely some stronger gusts!)  We started off the day by marvelling on how different the beach looked today - with the tides having uncovered some old tank traps and the course of the river into the sea having moved dramatically.  After compiling our weather data we practised some of the maths that we had been doing in class, by writing in the sand instead.  After maths we did some PE.  After some warm up games, including Simon Says and Follow My Leader, we practised throwing and catching skills, before a cool down game of Jacob's Ladder.
After snack we moved up to our special writing spot and listened to some windy day poems - Wind on the Hill by AA Milne (we talked about him creating Winnie the Pooh too!) and The Wind by Christina Rossetti.  We then innovated our own verses of The Wind to create a class poem.
After lunch we came down to a sheltered, sunny spot and started reading our beach school novel- Kensuke's Kingdom.  Grace decided her Daddy would really enjoy it because he loves sailing too!
Because the weather was so glorious, we decided to get our sketchbooks out, and had a great time thinking carefully about sketching lightly a variety of sea-themed pictures - from delicate shells, to imaginary seascapes.
After some Thrive time running, jumping and rolling it was time to come back up to school.

We continued ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ this week.  We looked closely at the picture on the inside cover and compared it to our beach.  The picture had sand, rocks and sea just like our beach.  We acted out the story and went through the long grass, through the river, through the mud (sand) and then we pretended we were going through a snow storm. 

We looked around us and thought of other parts we could add to the story.  We decided on going through the sand, through the seaweed, through the shells and through the sea.   We are getting so good at writing using the sounds we know. 

For PE we played some games using the parachute.  We had some balls in the middle and we had to get them off.  We played some changing places games and then we all got underneath the parachute and pretended we were in a tent.

In maths we got some pieces of marram grass and decided which was the longest and shortest.  We also measured them using stones and shells.

After our lunch we made some bear caves in the sand.  We also had fun with seaweed and used it to make up stories.  Here is one of our stories:

“Once upon a time there were some children on the beach.  They had to clean the beach with mops and vacuum cleaners.  A sea witch came out of the sea and helped them.  She did a magic spell to help them and there was no rubbish on the beach anymore.”