11 November 2018

11th November 2018
To say we only had 4 days in school this week, we really packed things in!
On Tuesday, we had a whole school Diwali afternoon, where we learnt about the festival of Diwali, through a range of activities.  In Key Stage 2 we thought about other faiths that have festivals or celebrations that use light, and why that might be; whilst in Key Stage 1 and Early Years, we explored the festival through different craft activities.  We all made traditional Burfi sweets and rangoli patterns.
On Wednesday, Open the Book came and shared a story from the Bible with us.  It was great to see how engaged all the children were.
On Thursday we focused some of our learning time on World War One, in preparation for our Remembrance Day commemorations - some of our work went down to the church for a display over the weekend.  We also had our first community lunch of this half-term.  In the evening we had a well attended PFA meeting - thank you to all those who came along, and who have offered to help in a range of fundraising activities.
On Friday, our Beach School activities focused fully on Remembrance Day commemorations - see the Beach School tab for more information.
Thank you to all those who attended the KS1 and KS2 parent consultations. We hope that you found them useful, and have a good idea of where your children are at with their learning, and how you can help support them at home, whilst we support them at school.
Thank you also, to all those who have handed in their forms for Christmas cards and other items.  It is a great fundraiser, and also an easy set of Christmas gifts!  The order form for school mugs is also out now.  Well done to Poppy, Grace and Barnaby for the winning designs.
This week is a slightly quieter week.  It is anti-bullying week, so we will spend some time thinking about the key theme of 'Choose Respect', as a whole school.
Please note that the initial payment of £50 for the Year 6 residential is now due.