11 May 18

The theme this week for beach school was 'bird watching'.  Today we were joined by two of our governors, Sarah and Christine.  After the walk down and some warm-up games and maths (KS2 estimating mass, KS1 and Reception sharing/division), we talked about different birds that use our beach.  We then walked round towards Newton, before settling in to the dunes.  Class 1 listened to a story about a 'Puffin called Fido' and drew puffins and curlews in the sand, thinking carefully about their specific shapes, whilst Class 2 thought about different characteristics of birds and jotted down some character descriptions.  By this time it was lunch time, so we walked on to Low Newton for some lunch.  After lunch, we walked to the bird hides, making sure that we were very quiet.  We used binoculars to look carefully at the birds - we saw a real range - from swans, ducks and geese to gulls and oystercatchers.  We then walked back to towards Embleton through the dunes, stopping to make nature sticky bands of interesting things that caught our eyes.