11 March 2022


Today we read our book of the week ‘Bear Wants More’ at the beach.  We imagined that Bear had woken up from his den by the sea instead of in a forest.  We knew that he was hungry when he woke up so we the thought about what he would be able to find to eat on the beach.  We wrote a list, these are some of the things we thought of: fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, seaweed and octopus.

We did some maths using ice creams today.  We put the numbers in order and then took it in turns to take a number away and the others had to say what it was.  The Reception children then practised finding pairs of numbers that make ten.  

We used the parachute to play some games, but it was quite windy so we had to hold on tight!

Before we went back to school we made dens for bears in the sand.