11 June 2021



It was very windy on the beach this morning so we had our Worship by the Waves in the dunes.  This week our theme is trust.  We thought about how important it is to trust our friends and how important it is to be a friend who can be trusted.  We sang one of our favourite songs ‘Peace like a river’.

We looked at a book called ‘Look Inside a Pirate Ship’.  We found out that when pirates have some free time some of them like to do some sketching.  We used our sketch books to do some sketching too.  There was a low tide today so we could see the rocks.  Some of us sketched the rocks.  We are trying to use different pressures with our pencils when we sketch to get different effects.

We also found out that on a ship you don’t use left and right, you say port and starboard instead.  We played a game where we pretended to be pirates and we needed to follow instructions.   We either had to run to the port, starboard, upper deck or lower deck.  We also had to follow the instructions to scrub the decks, climb the rigging, salute when the captain was coming and lay on the sand when there were cannons overhead.  We also moved in different ways.  We pretended to fly like a parrot, walk with an eye patch and walk without bending one leg (that was very tricky!).

One of the Starfish found an interesting stone so we passed it around the circle saying what we thought it might be.   There were some very imaginative ideas: a shoe, a phone, a rocking chair, a baby’s cradle and a chair.

In maths today the Reception children found different ways to make ten using shells, stones and seaweed.  We then wrote the addition number sentence in the sand.  We also did some missing number addition sentences to ten as some children now have these questions in their click maths every Thursday. 

After having a picnic lunch at the golf club we looked at our book again.  We found out that pirates carried heavy sacks on their back and carried boxes using a stick.   We pretended to be pirates carrying treasure (we only carried sand!).  We also filled some bags with lots of treasure (sand) and were amazed at how heavy it was.

In the book we saw that the pirate cook makes the food in the galley.  In the book we looked at the pirate chef was making turtle soup.  We used the pots and pans to make some of our own recipes. 

Today was our first full day of beach school for a long time and we had a great day. 


It was great to see the sun shining for our first full day at the beach in what seems like forever!  We set off from school full of enthusiasm; however when we got to the beach it was rather windy.  We began with Worship by the Waves (in the dunes) before heading down to the sand to play some team games.  We made a version of bench ball on the beach, just without the bench!  The children soon got the hang of the game and towards the end of the game were working more like a team!  Tired out after all that running around on the sand we headed for our snack and a drink of water.  Whilst there we got our journals out wrote some senses poems.  We couldn’t really ‘hear’ much because of the wind.

We ended the morning armed with our litter pickers and bags for a quick beach clean before having a lovely talk with Richard about the nesting birds he was watching and protecting.  He told us some facts about the ringed plovers then we crept carefully over to the fence and using our binoculars had a peek into the nest. It was very exciting that we got to see the chicks hopping around with their mother.

After a picnic lunch at the golf club, we headed back to the beach to do some art.  We sketched some beach objects and used oil pastels to colour them with, before heading back up the hill to get ready for home time.