11 January 2023


Our story this week was ‘Little Owl in the Snow’.  It is about an owlet that misses his Mummy and goes on an adventure to look for her.  Along the way he sees lots of different footprints and meets lots of different animals.   It was very windy today so we spent a lot of our time in the dunes.

After listening to the story and talking about some of the different words: shush, crunch, creak, flap and flumph,  we wrote a description of Little Owl.  We spoke about how Little Owl must have felt when he couldn’t find his mummy and we discussed how we had felt when some of us had got lost somewhere.

We then went onto the beach and made a nest for Little Owl using seaweed and then we made a big nest for us all to go in!  We then looked for different footprints in the sand.  We saw footprints belonging to adults, children, dogs and birds.

We then went on a feather hunt to see how many feathers we could find.  We recorded these using a tally chart.  The Reception children are learning to count in fives so this was a good way to practise.


This week’s Beach School started off with Worship by the Waves.  It was rather windy today so we took shelter in the dunes for worship.  After worship, we hunted for some shelter in the dunes to do our writing.  After finding a nice sheltered spot we wrote some lovely descriptive sentences about what effect the weather was having on the beach.  One of my favourite sentences was ‘the sand is sweeping along the beach because of the wind’.  I just thought it was a lovely image to have in my head.  And as we looked down towards the beach that is exactly what the sand was doing.  We braved the wind and went down onto the sand to create some symmetrical patterns using resources we found on the beach.  This was to help us understand symmetry in our big maths tests.  We made sure that what was on one side was in exactly the same place on the other side.

The recent wind storms had blown a large tree onto the beach.  We used this to do our PE – we walked along it, testing out our core strength and balancing skills – these need some work! But it was so much fun.

We headed up to the golf club for some shelter from the wind (and of course golf club chips for lunch!) before a pleasant walk back up the hill to school.  Once back at school we completed our science.  This term we are looking at materials.  We made a list of any words and phrases we could think of that popped into our head when we heard the word materials.  We then discussed the different materials and went around the classroom looking for objects made out of each material.


Our first beach school back after the Christmas Break and it was a little bit gusty. We headed to the dunes for Worship by the Waves to have some shelter. We then headed back up from the beach to the golf club. At today’s Beach School we focused on doing our bit for the Environment by taking part in a Litter Pick. We walked all the way from the Golf Club back to the village taking a slow leisurely pace back up to spot all the litter and clear it up. Some of the children’s most interesting finds where; a bottle filled with muddy water, a glass bottle, a beer bottle and some dead rats! Unfortunately, we didn’t know they were dead rats until we picked them up with our litter picker. However, it gave us a good opportunity to reinforce how to keep ourselves safe when litter picking. We then went back down to the Golf Club and had our lunch outside as it was quite mild, and we thought we would enjoy the weather before it changes. After lunch, we headed back up to school to continue our Geography learning about Coasts. We used Google Maps to observe differences around the world of different coasts. Thinking about whether they were erosion landforms or depositional landforms as well as thinking about why they might be popular tourist destinations. We then had a map of the UK and labelled some of our own coastlines.