11 January 2019

We started the day at beach school with 'Worship by the Waves' led by our church school council.  We thought about the journey the three wise men made to see Baby Jesus and then we thought about how we had journeyed over the past year.  In the sand we drew a footprint and then drew some good memories for us to take forward into 2019.  We sang 'One more step along the world I go' to help us think about the year ahead.
For our maths today we made some number lines and counted different objects.  We also did one of our favourite maths activities, walking and sliding along big numbers to help us with our number formation. We  listened to the story of 'Augustus and his Smile'. We then acted it out by stretching like Augustus, curling up small, running down to the sea and climbing mountains!
We also made homes for different toys in the sand, digging holes to represent different rooms.
After lunch we made some musical instruments by filling tins with stones and shells and then sticking different natural objects around the outside.  We then sang some songs and accompanied ourselves with our instruments. 
After 'Worship by the Waves', Puffins did some maths.  We started off by doing some pairing, to help us practise our counting in 2s; before doing some work on arrays, using shells, stones and sticks.  In PE we continued with our football skills.  After snack we focused on our weather reports.  We are starting to use some great language to describe how the weather is affecting our surroundings, and what we are observing around us.  We then spent the rest of the day investigating a range of materials for our new science topic.  We collected different materials on the beach, sorting them into 'natural' and 'man-made', and explored the properties of elastic, and comparing it to other types of rope.  We started to talk about what some of the man-made materials are actually made from.



Such a fabulous first Beach School of 2019! We started with a brisk walk down to the beach and had a lovely worship by the waves. After that, Orca Class went straight into fractions finding fractions of amount and writing word problems for their partners to find.

When we had finished with fractions we then moved onto football and ball skills, the children developed their passing techniques and their controlling of the ball. We ended this PE session with a game of football – well done to the navy blue team who were the overall winners – a special mention to Mary on the orange team for scoring a fabulous penalty.

After snack the children began their science session. This half term the topic in science is forces so using two different pieces of wood, a hammer, nails and elastic bands as a team the children produced their own force metre, they then used this to conduct an experiment referring to friction, energy, force and how to conduct a fair test.

A scrumptious lunch at the golf club set us well on our way to an afternoon of drama. In English Orca Class are currently learning about Beowulf which links with this terms topic of The Anglo Saxons. After a recap of the story the children were split into groups and began to produce their play scripts which they used their prior knowledge to support them. The groups then preformed their part of the story to the rest of the class – there is a video for each groups performance on this page.