11 February 2022


This week in school we read the story ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers.  One of the children in Starfish class said that their favourite story was ‘Lost and Found’ by the same author.  We thought this would be a great book to use at the beach.

When we first got to the beach we were amazed at the difference in the sand.  There were big mounds of sand everywhere!  We discussed how windy it had been and how the wind had blown the sand into big piles.  We had fun running up and down them.

We sat and listened to the story and the Reception children wrote about the penguin and the Nursery children practised writing some letters.

There were lots of shells and stones on the beach today so we had a funky finger challenge this morning.  We all found a stick and had to collect shells on our stick without using our other hand.  We needed to find shells with holes in and hook them on our stick.  One of the children managed to collect 22 shells on their stick!  We used our shells to do our maths today.

In the story, Lost and Found, the penguin finds his way back to the boy by using an umbrella as a boat.  We put a penguin in an umbrella and watched it float in the water.  We though about why the umbrella always came to the sand and worked out that it was wind that blowing the umbrella in our direction.  We hoped the penguin enjoyed his ride!

In the story the boy and the penguin row a boat to the South Pole.  We made our own boats in the sand and put a penguin in it.  We used the big spades as oars!  Even Mrs Popay had a turn in a boat!

Before we came back to school we went in the sand dunes.  We played a listening game where we covered our eyes and Mrs Popay chose someone to say ‘It’s me! Little Penguin’ in a squeaky voice and the rest of us had to guess who it was.

We had a really lovely morning at the beach today.

Today at Beach School we started by reading Lena, The Sea and Me. We read a sentence each as part of reading our class book together. We then worked together in teams to build something that interests us. We had a range of different things like; a boat, the back of Hogwarts castle, an animal village and a human being. We then split off into our groups to show what we had learnt in RE this half-term by performing our story of Abraham or Noah and what it is like to follow God. We then walked along the beach watching the tide coming in and noticing different sizes of Jellyfish whilst measuring how far we were walking in steps and meters and following the directions of our compass to the far side near Dunstanburgh Castle and back up that way to get back in time for lunch. We then looked at Pivoting with Miss Brown before sharing our finalised presentations with the class.